Lt Ei Yamaguchi
Surrendered - April 1947

Part of the 2nd Infantry Regt. and spent many years in China where his unit commited horrendous atrocities against innocent Chinese civilians. He was then stationed on Peleliu Island, and survived the battle there, and went into hiding with a group of ther survivors of the battle.

Holdouts Attack
A band of 33 Japanese soldiers, commanded by Ei Yamaguchi renews fighting on the island by attacking a Marine patrol with hand grenades. At that time, only 150 Marines were stationed on the island, with 35 dependents. Reinforcement were called in to hunt down the hideouts. American patrols with a Japanese Admiral sent to convince the troops that the war was indeed over finally convinced the holdouts to come out peacefully. The band emerged from the jungle in two groups in late April, lead by Ei Yamaguchi who turned over his sword and unit's battle flags.

Media Coverage
One 1947 articles state that a Japanese navy enlisted man (who ratted out Yamaguchi's presence on Peleliu) states that Yamaguchi shot one of his own men who wanted to surrender (uncomfirmed). It is unclear if Yamaguchi knew the war was over or not.

Eric Mailander addds:
Read Account about Meeting Ei Yamaguchi
"During my 1994 Peleliu trip I was present when Dateline interviewed him via Mr. Ashiba (translator). I have a copy of the tape if you want to hear his interview on the island but it's my only copy. During my personal talk with him on the island, he had a look that sent chills down my spine!"

NBC Dateline "Return To Peleliu" aired August 4, 1995
"What were the orders of the Japanese troops; didn't you know the war was over?"

Yamaguchi: "We could'nt beleive that we had lost.  We were always instructed that we could never lose. It is the Japanese tradition that we must fight until we die, until the end."

Ei Yamaguchi on Peleliu 1994

Yamaguchi returning
to his cave in 1994