Japanese Holdouts Accounts

Even this most obscure subject has people who have interacted with Japanese holdouts themselves, or participated in searches for holdouts. And, many people worldwide clearly remember the news in 1972 when holdout Shoichi Yokoi was discovered on Guam, and in 1974 when Hiroo Onoda were reported to the world.

Are you a WWII veteran who seached for holdouts after the war? Were you stationed in a Pacific island or country that had holdouts? Were you involved with the discovery of the 'famous' holdouts, like Yoski on Guan or Onda in the Philippines? If you have an account related to Japanese holdouts, email me to add it to this growing archive. All stories & photos credited and presented for historical research purposes only, reproduced with premission.

Rabaul 1975 - Holdout?
Report by Lian Tanner
Meeting Ei Yamaguchi
Account by Eric Mailander
Visiting Yokoi's Cave
Account by Catherine Farr

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